Bath Fashion Week Yarn Bomb In Preparation


I am well known as quite a prolific Yarn Bomber and have been involved and created several Yarn Bombs to you can imagine how excited I was when Bath in Fashion approached me asking me to single-handedly Yarn Bomb the World Heritage City of Bath during  Bath in Fashion week - held this year from May 5th until May 10th. 

Yarn Bombing, is, as you probably know,  graffiti with wool - an urban art that attempts to humanise public spaces. It’s an interaction between materials and places and at its heart lies an intention to awaken people to their surroundings often injecting humour into everyday objects.  It’s an old craft with a contemporary twist. For Bath in Fashion 2014, city spaces will be decorated with roses, hand made by me, and, hopefully by you too.

Roses will be springing up in the city so make a rose and make a difference…

Here is how you, and me, can help Yarnbomb Bath and make a difference to vulnerable inner-city children through  the charity Kids Company. For every hand-made crocheted rose that is made, Bath-based business Cloud Direct will pledge 10p straight to Kids Company.

So contact me here for your free crochet pattern or come to my Crochet for Charity sessions (sessions are planned every week so check the website for details) or come along on Wednesday 5th March 10.00 am – 1.00 pm at The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa (the official sponsors of Bath in Fashion 2014) or alternatively on Wednesday 12th March 10.00 am- 1.00 pm Carluccio’s at Milsom Place.  The deadline for sending in your rose is April 30th and they can be any size, any yarn, any pattern knitted or crochet, it's all for a great cause! Thank you x


School Community Art Projects


Over the last few years I have worked with many different schools producing a piece of art with the pupils.

The directive for students to work collaboratively on a unique piece of art for the school place is usually driven by the school as a desire to do something completely different, to celebrate an important date or give the community of students the ability to connect together through the medium of creativity.

It is always a lot of hard work but so very exciting to work on these projects - producing a piece of art that every single child has contributed to, that connects with the school's individual ethics and looks wonderful to boot!

The images above depicts this process, here you can see how each student is given the opportunity to work on the overall project.

This school wanted to create a piece of artwork that incorporated an understanding of mathematical shapes and symmetry  - the overall effect using mosaic as a medium was incredibly effective and very beautiful - the school installed the finished work in the school's garden so that it could be admired by all of those children who were involved and in the future inspire and be enjoyed by new students.

I am currently working with a primary school and we are creating the most wonderful tree.

On the tree each child in the school will be represented as each pupil will create a leaf. I will reveal much more about this project as it continues and of course when it is finished in the next few weeks.

If you are a teacher, a student or event a parent who would like to find about more about the kind of work I do with schools then please get in touch with me - I am always excited abut working with children - who never fail to inspire me with their knowledge and ideas. 

A Workshop Of Wonders


After a wonderful year with many, many workshops under our belts I thought it would be really lovely to show you a few images of the workshops actually in action.

The picture aboves depicts a host of gorgeous mosaics all hand-made during the workshops I ran in 2013.

People often turn up to a workshop with a set idea of exactly the kind of piece they want to create, this is wonderful as it gives us a great jumping off point.

Many people really have no idea and like to be offered ideas or inspiration, some people arrive with a colour they want to experiment with or with a piece of china or crockery that has lost it's function but is dear to their heart - and can be used to make something entirely new, like this couple.

You can see from the montage of images above what beautiful pieces of art are created during a workshop. People always enjoy the process and find it extremely relaxing and soothing to sit and work with their hands for several hours, to meet like-minded people who want to escape the hum-drum of normal life and immerse themselves in being entirely creative.

There is always lots of laughter at my workshops as well, which is another powerful tonic for your wellbeing.

If you would like to take part in one of my workshops, but cannot find a date that suits you - why don't you gather a small group of friends and call me - we can arrange a date to suit you. 



Turn that unwanted gift into something loved!

Earlier this week husband and wife team Dan and Rebecca celebrated Dan's birthday by coming on a mosaic workshop together.  Dan bought a rather beautiful William Morris print mug as he decided he would rather look at it as a mosaic than sip his morning cuppa from it!

I love projects that incorporate a piece of ceramic that really means something or that is just so beautiful it would be a shame not to break it!

Dan with his mug

So before we had time to think about it too much he broke the mug there was no going back!


Rebecca set about giving new life to the mug and decided a heart would be an ideal mosaic.

Rebecca starts by mosaicing the edge of the heart



Time passed really quickly as they got stuck in.

Dan and Rebecca get cracking

And here is the finished work. One beautiful heart .........

The finished heart incorporating the china mug.And one AMAZING lizard.....congratulations Dan and Rebecca



Unique Children's Craft Party



Another year another birthday party, these days parents are always on the look out  for unusual, unique and quirky party ideas to keep groups of children entertained, amused and happy for an hour or two. 

Magicians are old hat as is pass-the-parcel - how about a crafting party? A party where your group of children can learn a new craft, make a piece of art to take home and have a thoroughly fun and exciting time as well. 

Children absolutely adore to be given the freedom to make, glue, stick, bang, paint, sew, knit, craft and get as messy and sticky and have as much crafting fun as possible. Emma Leith Atelier can create a crafting party for children which could be crocheting or mosiacs or if you have a burning idea to create something else - just let me know - we can create anything you desire!


So what better way to celebrate your child’s birthday than with a group of friends learning a new craft and producing a personal piece of art to take home.

Here at the Emma Leith studio I can accommodate a maximum of ten children. Or, if you prefer, I can come to your house – within a five-mile radius – bring all the materials and plenty of enthusiastic artistic energy to keep the children well and truly entertained for a birthday party they will not forget.

So get in touch with me today and we can talk about exactly what we can do together. 

New Year Resolutions - What's Yours?



What are your New Year's Resolutions for 2014? I have a list as long as my arm! Including giving up chocolate, cutting back on wine and all the usual plans I make every year: more exercise, less beer, less spending, more walking, more tweeting, less hoovering - you know, that kind of thing?

However, there are some ideas on my endless list which I plan to really ensure that I achieve, for example - I have rather fallen in love with yarn bombing and after two very successful yarn bombs in 2013 - 2014 will see me involved in more gorilla knitting!

So watch out - as coming to a street near you there may be a yarnbomb crocheting it's way into your consciousness...

If you are looking for a yarn bomber to help you promote a cause, collection or campaign - please do get in touch.

I am going to be adding new workshops, masterclasses and I am always interested to hear from you about what you would like to make, craft,  design or construct - so never hesitate to talk to me about trying something new - I am as excited about learning new things as you are!

Finally, I am going to be making and crafting like crazy! Being in the studio and working on a new piece gives me such joy, comfort and pleasure and I want to impart that to all of you who want to take part with me - creating is such a wonderful skill to have and to use.

So Happy New Year to all of you and let's make 2014 an absolute whizz banger together!


Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas fellow crafters!


I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderfully healthy and prosperous New Year.

This year has been incredibly exciting for me - with the launch of my new business and website - being involved with some wonderful local arts projects. 

Single-handedly creating and delivering not one by two yarnbombs one in Corsham which was videoed watch the film here, and one a few weeks later in Trowbridge. The Corsham Yarnbomb was created to celebrate the opening of The Peacock Arts Trail, which was a huge success, I cannot wait for the next trail. The second yarnbomb was made after some artists approached me and asked me to yarnbomb their town hall as part of an installation for the launch of a visual arts exhibition in the beautiful town hall in Trowbridge - of course, I could not resist the challenge and although I just had days to pull it together – I did and created a showstopper for the town hall and it’s stunning staircase! 

I have so many brilliant and hilarious and touching memories from all the wonderful people who come and take part in one of my workshops. Each workshop is designed to produce a piece of art and learn a new skill. However, they are also a place where people come for solace, relaxation, discussion and sharing. I am very proud of each one and each unique piece of craft that is made and the kind and imprtant time we have shared. 

I also launched a project on my Facebook page raising money for the Jessie May Trust, a children's hospice. I promised to donate 25p for every like on my Page that I receive in a bid to reach 2000 likes and raise £500 for the trust. This project is ongoing so please continue to like and share this with your friends, colleagues and family.

In 2014 I have so many exciting plans to share with you. There will be more workshops and new crafts and I am always open for new ideas or crafts you are interested in - never hesitate to get in touch and have a chat to me about it. 

Find me here or on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest

Have a super Christmas and a wonderful New Year - love Emma xx.

Relieve Stress, Feel Better: Crochet

Research into knitting and crocheting has found that all needlework is extremely good for your health.



Scientific eveidence has found that the repetitive and rhythmic action of knitting and crochet work helps to prevent and manage stress, pain and depression which in turn strengthens the body's immune system - making you feel more relaxed, much happier and altogether healthier. 

I found this video documenting how needlework makes people feel - and the response is so wonderful and inspiring - so give it a go - book a crochet workshop with me and discover a new way to help you feel better in your life and produce something handmade and beautiful as well.

Emma Leith Is Front Page News!


I recently made headline news on the front page of the Somerset Business Leader Magazine, which I am very proud of, read all about it here.

The story is about my art, my workshops and my creative history and foundations, some of which, naturally, stem from my father and his work as the animator for The Wombles and my mother too, who was also extremely creative and had a sound business mind.

I was brought up surrounded by The Wombles, my father was the animator for the original series in the 1970's, he was also the set designer and animator for Paddington Bear.

Uncle Bulgaria was my favourite character I treasured him and would look after him and cuddle him like he was my favourite teddy - I spent every summer helping my dad to build the models and the set.

My Mum and Dad inspired me to believe I can achieve anything which is why I set this business up during the recession.

To find out more about and the creative workshops I run - get in touch.

Christmas Gift Inspiration


 Are you looking for some gift giving inspiration? Would you like to give something memorable that will last? I have just the answer for you: a craft workshop.

Giving the gift of learning is a such a long-lasting present to give to your friends or loved ones, not only is it unusual and unique it provides the receiver with an entirely new experience - and is even one you can do together.

Buying a friend or family member a craft workshop gives you the opportunity to get one for yourself - or even the entire family! 

By buying this unusual present you are buying them a wonderful memory and a creative gift - an experience you can share together.

Together you will create a piece of art work to take home, you will also take home the longevity of the skill you have just mastered!

My craft courses, which include making a mosaic, felting or crocheting, start from just £20 - so not only is this gift affordable it will last a lifetime.

I can arrange with you for a suitable time and date so do not worry we can organise a time when you buy the present or we can do it after you have given the gift.

If you would like to give a gift that lasts a lifetime - then get in touch with me today!