Turn that unwanted gift into something loved!

Earlier this week husband and wife team Dan and Rebecca celebrated Dan's birthday by coming on a mosaic workshop together.  Dan bought a rather beautiful William Morris print mug as he decided he would rather look at it as a mosaic than sip his morning cuppa from it!

I love projects that incorporate a piece of ceramic that really means something or that is just so beautiful it would be a shame not to break it!

Dan with his mug

So before we had time to think about it too much he broke the mug ....now there was no going back!


Rebecca set about giving new life to the mug and decided a heart would be an ideal mosaic.

Rebecca starts by mosaicing the edge of the heart



Time passed really quickly as they got stuck in.

Dan and Rebecca get cracking

And here is the finished work. One beautiful heart .........

The finished heart incorporating the china mug.And one AMAZING lizard.....congratulations Dan and Rebecca