Bath Fashion Week Yarn Bomb In Preparation


I am well known as quite a prolific Yarn Bomber and have been involved and created several Yarn Bombs to you can imagine how excited I was when Bath in Fashion approached me asking me to single-handedly Yarn Bomb the World Heritage City of Bath during  Bath in Fashion week - held this year from May 5th until May 10th. 

Yarn Bombing, is, as you probably know,  graffiti with wool - an urban art that attempts to humanise public spaces. It’s an interaction between materials and places and at its heart lies an intention to awaken people to their surroundings often injecting humour into everyday objects.  It’s an old craft with a contemporary twist. For Bath in Fashion 2014, city spaces will be decorated with roses, hand made by me, and, hopefully by you too.

Roses will be springing up in the city so make a rose and make a difference…

Here is how you, and me, can help Yarnbomb Bath and make a difference to vulnerable inner-city children through  the charity Kids Company. For every hand-made crocheted rose that is made, Bath-based business Cloud Direct will pledge 10p straight to Kids Company.

So contact me here for your free crochet pattern or come to my Crochet for Charity sessions (sessions are planned every week so check the website for details) or come along on Wednesday 5th March 10.00 am – 1.00 pm at The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa (the official sponsors of Bath in Fashion 2014) or alternatively on Wednesday 12th March 10.00 am- 1.00 pm Carluccio’s at Milsom Place.  The deadline for sending in your rose is April 30th and they can be any size, any yarn, any pattern knitted or crochet, it's all for a great cause! Thank you x


Yarnbombing - Wooly Street Art

Crochet ready for another yarnbomb

Last week we talked about wool week and this beautiful, natural material continues to make an impact in modern life and it is becoming more and more fashionable. Yarnbombing is a kind of street graffiti using wool as the medium and bringing art to the people. 

I myself am a yarnbomber and have been known to leave explosions of wooly art on the streets and in public places for people to enjoy and to show people that art is not just a picture on a wall in a gallery but can span so many different mediums, cultures and experiences and that it is always, always for people to enjoy. 

Last week some artists approached me and asked me to yarnbomb their town hall as part of an installation for the launch of a visual arts exhibition they are currently holding. Of course, I could not resist, and although I just had days to pull it together - I did and created a showstopper for the town hall and it's stunning staircase. 

If you find yourself in Trowbridge - then be sure to make a bee line for the town hall and my yarnbomb and see what you think of a yarnmbomb for yourself, please do let me know as I am always intrigued to hear how people experience this kind of art. 


Yarnbomb Film & Video

Yarn Railings

Following the news in the media in Wiltshire that I had yarnbombed Corsham - we created a short video which would showcase the event as it was being put up.

[video width="960" height="540" m4v=""][/video]

Take a look it really was lots of fun and hard work but well worth it. 

There are also lots more images of the Yarnbomb, which I have made a board from on Pinterest

If you would like to learn how to crochet, or find out more about yarnbombing get in touch with me or join me on a crochet workshop.


Yarnbomber Makes Front Page News in Wiltshire




Last week I single-handedly (with the help of my friends :) ) Yarnbombed Corsham, a market town in Wiltshire. I did it to promote the launch of The Peacock Arts Trail which launched on Saturday 28th September and has seen a raft of open artists studios across Wiltshire - including mine! 

Yarn Railings

The Yarnbomb took me more than two months to create, everything was hand-crocheted for the bomb including pompoms, love hearts, sausage dogs, little girls and pieces like the Lion's coat and mane above.

The Yarnbomb which took place last week made news across the county as the town woke up to a wool explosion - most of the independent shops received a crocheted love heart on their door handle, lampposts, benches, trees and doorways were all targeted and adorned with the Yarnbomb. 

Girl with balloons & sausage dog

The Yarnbomb was really well received by residents of the town who had not expected art-work to be strewn across their town - but took to this unique graffiti with real aplomb. 

I took a video of the actual Yarnbombing, which I shall upload over the next week as well as show you more images from the event, both here, on my Facebook page and Pinterest.