Unique Children's Craft Party



Another year another birthday party, these days parents are always on the look out  for unusual, unique and quirky party ideas to keep groups of children entertained, amused and happy for an hour or two. 

Magicians are old hat as is pass-the-parcel - how about a crafting party? A party where your group of children can learn a new craft, make a piece of art to take home and have a thoroughly fun and exciting time as well. 

Children absolutely adore to be given the freedom to make, glue, stick, bang, paint, sew, knit, craft and get as messy and sticky and have as much crafting fun as possible. Emma Leith Atelier can create a crafting party for children which could be crocheting or mosiacs or if you have a burning idea to create something else - just let me know - we can create anything you desire!


So what better way to celebrate your child’s birthday than with a group of friends learning a new craft and producing a personal piece of art to take home.

Here at the Emma Leith studio I can accommodate a maximum of ten children. Or, if you prefer, I can come to your house – within a five-mile radius – bring all the materials and plenty of enthusiastic artistic energy to keep the children well and truly entertained for a birthday party they will not forget.

So get in touch with me today and we can talk about exactly what we can do together.