Christmas Gift Inspiration


 Are you looking for some gift giving inspiration? Would you like to give something memorable that will last? I have just the answer for you: a craft workshop.

Giving the gift of learning is a such a long-lasting present to give to your friends or loved ones, not only is it unusual and unique it provides the receiver with an entirely new experience - and is even one you can do together.

Buying a friend or family member a craft workshop gives you the opportunity to get one for yourself - or even the entire family! 

By buying this unusual present you are buying them a wonderful memory and a creative gift - an experience you can share together.

Together you will create a piece of art work to take home, you will also take home the longevity of the skill you have just mastered!

My craft courses, which include making a mosaic, felting or crocheting, start from just £20 - so not only is this gift affordable it will last a lifetime.

I can arrange with you for a suitable time and date so do not worry we can organise a time when you buy the present or we can do it after you have given the gift.

If you would like to give a gift that lasts a lifetime - then get in touch with me today!