A Workshop Of Wonders


After a wonderful year with many, many workshops under our belts I thought it would be really lovely to show you a few images of the workshops actually in action.

The picture aboves depicts a host of gorgeous mosaics all hand-made during the workshops I ran in 2013.

People often turn up to a workshop with a set idea of exactly the kind of piece they want to create, this is wonderful as it gives us a great jumping off point.

Many people really have no idea and like to be offered ideas or inspiration, some people arrive with a colour they want to experiment with or with a piece of china or crockery that has lost it's function but is dear to their heart - and can be used to make something entirely new, like this couple.

You can see from the montage of images above what beautiful pieces of art are created during a workshop. People always enjoy the process and find it extremely relaxing and soothing to sit and work with their hands for several hours, to meet like-minded people who want to escape the hum-drum of normal life and immerse themselves in being entirely creative.

There is always lots of laughter at my workshops as well, which is another powerful tonic for your wellbeing.

If you would like to take part in one of my workshops, but cannot find a date that suits you - why don't you gather a small group of friends and call me - we can arrange a date to suit you.