Yarnbomber Makes Front Page News in Wiltshire




Last week I single-handedly (with the help of my friends :) ) Yarnbombed Corsham, a market town in Wiltshire. I did it to promote the launch of The Peacock Arts Trail which launched on Saturday 28th September and has seen a raft of open artists studios across Wiltshire - including mine! 

Yarn Railings

The Yarnbomb took me more than two months to create, everything was hand-crocheted for the bomb including pompoms, love hearts, sausage dogs, little girls and pieces like the Lion's coat and mane above.

The Yarnbomb which took place last week made news across the county as the town woke up to a wool explosion - most of the independent shops received a crocheted love heart on their door handle, lampposts, benches, trees and doorways were all targeted and adorned with the Yarnbomb. 

Girl with balloons & sausage dog

The Yarnbomb was really well received by residents of the town who had not expected art-work to be strewn across their town - but took to this unique graffiti with real aplomb. 

I took a video of the actual Yarnbombing, which I shall upload over the next week as well as show you more images from the event, both here, on my Facebook page and Pinterest.