Yarn bombing is nearer than you think...

A picture of a yarnbombed bus

There is a yarn bomb heading your way....do not panic it is not made of petrol and it is not dangerous, quite the contrary in fact, it is made of wool and it is entirely safe.

It is also utterly beautiful and has been hand knitted and crocheted by me. I am taking art to the town of Corsham, I am quite literally going to make an art installation on the streets, I have been furiously crocheting like crazy and D Day is Wednesday 25th September.

Wednesday is D Day in Corsham

The streets are my gallery and I will create an explosion of wool. It could be anywhere, on anything - hidden in the humdrum of life, threads of creation are being pulled together and are preparing to reach out and touch you when you least expect it.

In honour of the launch of the Peacock Arts Trial this weekend the Yarn Bomb will be unveiled on Wednesday, it could be on a street, a tree or a lion, be prepared to get stitched up in Corsham this week...

For more information or if you would like to be there when it happens - please do get in touch with me.