Wool Week - A Celebration of Beautiful Natural Wool!


Real Wool


Last week was wool week and across the nation there was a spectacular show of wool making and creating, from sheep drawing, to wool pop ups at the Design Centre in London, meanwhile, at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, a flock of Bowmont Merino sheep made an appearance and spent the weekend in the courtyard at the Royal Academy, alongside their farmer!

Wool week was launched a few years ago by the Campaign for Wool, which is aimed at promoting better understanding of the natural and sustainable benefits of using real wool. 

I adore using wool and work with real wool throughout my art work. As a teacher I use wool for both crocheting and felting classes and love the softness and gentleness wool brings with it - it is a fantastic medium to work with, its texture is compelling and its beauty unique. 

I help people to create a myriad of wool based creations using the skills of crocheting and felting and making pieces including bunting, flowers, broaches, bags, Christmas cards and decorations, woollen throws, even coats for dogs, the list really is endless!

If you would like to learn more about working with this beautiful natural fibre then come along to one of my classes, I will show you how to use wool to create something stunning and natural and homemade.