Crochet Workshop


Crocheting is such a beautiful art form, you can use a myriad of colours and weave all sorts of shapes and designs, create pieces of art or woollen covers. Teaching people the skills and tradition of crocheting is a truly wonderful craft to share and I always recommend to clients that they start with the Granny Squares workshop first. 

Granny Squares are the ultimate in traditional crocheting and have been around for many, many years and have formed the cosy cover of so many beds in homes and on sofas and knees up and down the country. The original Granny Square is simply a joy to produce and once you have mastered the technique you can go on to make more and, of course, to attach them together. 

Once this skill is learnt - your crochet skills can step up a gear and learn how to make flowers, garlands and other pieces of art. 

If you are interested in learning this craft then book yourself onto one of my workshops and find out what it is all about, there is always lashings of tea and freshly baked cakes!