Crochet for Cancer Care

For this years celebration of Bath In Fashion 2016 we are going BIG and we are going PINK.....well mostly!

Generously Sponsored by Mulberry, flower posts in the heart of the World Heritage city of Bath will be wrapped in crochet from head to toe and adorned with a spectacular arrangement of vibrant flowers using yarn that has been kindly donated by Rico Design.

A little sneak preview of what to expect!

Giant crochet flowers

This year the RUH Forever Friends Cancer Care campaign has been chosen as the nominated charity for Bath in Fashion.....and this could not be more fitting.

Pink crochet daisies

My recent diagnosis of breast cancer sent me diving into my stash of yarn (otherwise known as 'The Happy Place') to dig out all the pinks I could find.  With this years yarn bomb just around the corner (April 18th-25th 2016) I am determined to create a beautiful display of gorgeous pink flowers that can help decorate the installation and go towards making a pink ribbon of flowers that can be housed in the RUH Bath, as a gift from all of us to all of those locked in a battle against cancer.  What a fitting way to express and expand our compassion using the power of crochet!

Here's how you can get involved and touch the lives of those who's lives need touching.

Assortment of crochet flowers

If you would like to make a flower that will go towards making the giant pink ribbon then all you need is a crochet hook no larger than 3mm and some fine yarn.  

If your flower is for the yarn bomb posts then 4mm - 4.5mm hooks with appropriate yarn is perfect.  Acrylic yarn works best for this.

All flowers will be displayed as part of the yarn bomb but the smaller 'pink ribbon' flowers will go on to be displayed at the Royal United Hospital in Bath for patients, visitors and staff to enjoy.

Assortment of pink crochet flowers.JPG

Your flower can be any pattern and any design, simply think delicate, feminine, soft and gentle. 

Crochet roses

You can make crochet roses using my pattern from an earlier tutorial just remember to keep the yarn and hook small.  Here's the link to the pattern

The Pink Ribbon covered with our beautiful crochet flowers will be on display with the rest of the yarn bomb at Milsom Place on Milsom Street for the Bath In Fashion event before being displayed at the RUH.  It will be protected from the elements so we can let go of the acrylic and get out our luxury flower barely uses any wool!

Spot the 'boobs'!

If you are local to the Bath area you may want to join us as we make the final preparations for this years yarn bomb extravaganza.  Fun, lively and a brilliant way to make new friends!  The next two hook ups are Wednesday 2nd March (I won't be there for this one as I shall be having my operation but Rosie....she of the Pink in the left of this picture....will be there to welcome you) and then we meet again on April 6th to put the whole thing together.  All are welcome.  We meet at Carluccio's in Milsom Place, Bath 10:00 - 12:00.  Just turn up with your hook or knitting needles!

Simple Crochet Daisy Pattern

I've put together a very VERY simple tutorial that anyone can do using any light weight yarn.  I've used Rico Essential Cotton DK with a 3mm hook and I've kept my tension tight.  I love the simple daisy because whilst we are essentially going for pink, the centres of the flowers offer an opportunity to sneak in a little dash of alternative colour!  

Let's start with a 5 petal daisy

Using Yarn A (deep pink in this tutorial)  begin with Ch 6 and join with a slip stitch into first chain to make a loop  (just like we do in the Granny Square Tutorial)

1. Chain 2 (this counts as your first double crochet (US = Single Crochet)

Work 9 Double Crochet into loop = 10 stitches

Cast off yarn A

Change to yarn B - petal colour

2. Join yarn B into any stitch

Into next stitch work 5 Treble Crochet 

Into next stitch work a slip stitch.

Repeat 4 more times = 5 petals.

Cast off and sew in your ends.

For the 6 petal daisy it is exactly the same only this time work ch3 and 11 Half Treble Crochet into centre loop = 12 stitches into which you can work 6 petals

And finally....the 7 petal daisy....see if you can spot the 'pattern'!

1. Start in exactly the same way as the previous 6 petal daisy only this time its Ch3 and 14 Treble Crochet into the centre (have you spotted the mathematical pattern yet?!)

2. Join Yarn B (petal colour) into any stitch, into next stitch work 5 Treble Crochet and slip stitch into next stitch = 1 petal.

3.  Repeat 6 more times = 7 Petals.  Cast off and sew in ends.

4.  For the finishing touch and an extra pop of colour work a round of surface crochet around the outside edge of the centre of the flower.

And that's it!  Simply stick your flower(s) in and envelope and post to me and I will do the rest. The deadline for flowers is Monday 4th April 2016.  What a wonderful way to convalesce after my surgery.  I look forward to making a display you will be proud of.

Here's to creating the best possible value from a horrid situation.  None of us want cancer but many of us will be affected by it in our lifetime so let's stand together and do what we can (however small it may seem) to encourage one another on our journey.  May your beauty and light always shine.


p.s. The mathematical pattern is this - Each petal requires two stitches.  So 10 stitches in the central loop = 5 petals,  12 stitches = 6 petals,  14 stitches = 7 petals and so on for ever and ever!