Mothers Day Pin Cushion

Heart in a tea cup


Here's a little treat you can make for mothers day and all it takes is some colourful  felt, a felting needle and that very special tea cup that you never use to drink from!  

I'm always on the look out for old china I can use in my mosaic work and as a result I seem to have collected  a wide range of odd tea cups over the years.  On my journey through second hand shops, car boot sales and vintage flea markets I've managed to accumulate a wide array of cups too beautiful to break!  Indeed one shop I frequent even refused to sell me a tea set unless I promised not to break it for mosaic....she knows me well! I made the promise and scurried off with a fabulous set of tiny blue tea cups!  

willow print

So years later I'm looking at these wonderful tea cups wondering what to do with them when it suddenly struck me! Pin cushions....of course! So I set about gathering up my felting wool and laying it all out on my table top before selecting some of the much loved china and contemplating all the beautiful things I could do! Choosing the colours was the hardest part because there are so many delicious choices of wool.   I have to keep telling myself that sometimes less is more!  Once I have felted the main design and filled the cup with wool I decided to embellish some with a little basic embroidery. I'm not the worlds best embroiderer but I still had a lot of fun playing!

I think the results are stunning and they make the perfect mothers day gift.  

If you would like to spend a couple of hours in felting heaven making one of these beauties then March is your lucky month because I shall be hosting several workshops just for these.  You can book here or alternatively you could give the gift of learning a new skill by giving your mum a voucher to come on a workshop herself...or even better you can come together!