Taking A Mosaic Workshop

A Mosaic Cake Stand in Process

Learning a new craft is a really exciting opportunity. There is something incredibly calming and life affirming when you begin the process of creating a piece of art.

Working with new and unusual mediums is so wonderful because the practice is very tactile and it is also so colourful - you can really explore unusual combinations and styles to achieve different effects. 

As you create the mosaic - you can piece together your image - but you can continue to move the pieces around and change how they look. It is rather like a puzzle - but one in which you produce the outcome.

Only when you are absolutely satisfied with the combination of colours and textiles can you attach the tiles - giving you a real chance to produce the perfect effect, unlike other mediums like paint which you cannot change once you have put brush to paper.

The image above of the mosaic cake stand gives you a real view of the process and you can see how it can be done - a complicated image turned into a piece of mosaic art.

If you would like to learn this magical practice and take part in a workshop - do not hesitate to get in touch with me or book a place at one of the many workshops I teach.