Roses roses everywhere!

What an amazing morning we had.  A big thank you to the lovely ladies who joined me at the Royal Crescent Hotel for the first Charity Rose Crochet session.  Many of them came as a result of the feature in this weeks Bath Chronicle  and the Bath Magazine which just goes to show the power of publicity! It was a good job they came because otherwise I would have had to eat all the delicious handmade shortbread biscuits myself!  

Crochet workshop

Crochet workshop

And when I returned home there were a pile of roses waiting for me on the doormat sent from wonderful ladies who have been busy at home making roses for this great cause.  


Next week we are gathering at the rather swish  Carluccio's in Milsom Place and you are all welcome to join this growing movement of happy knitters and crocheters.  There will be a warm welcome, free wool and hooks and plenty of refreshments to keep us going.  It is happening on Wednesday 12th March from 10:00 - 13:00. Let's fill our city with wool and make Bath Fashion Week 2014 one to remember.  Every rose we make raises 10p for the Kids Company charity so make a rose and make a difference!  


Relieve Stress, Feel Better: Crochet

Research into knitting and crocheting has found that all needlework is extremely good for your health.



Scientific eveidence has found that the repetitive and rhythmic action of knitting and crochet work helps to prevent and manage stress, pain and depression which in turn strengthens the body's immune system - making you feel more relaxed, much happier and altogether healthier. 

I found this video documenting how needlework makes people feel - and the response is so wonderful and inspiring - so give it a go - book a crochet workshop with me and discover a new way to help you feel better in your life and produce something handmade and beautiful as well.

Book A Crochet Workshop With The Original Box Artist & Yarnbomber!


Come to Box and learn how to crochet with the original Box Yarnbomber! Having been involved in several yarnbombs across Wiltshire, Emma Leith has also been crocheting for years, an art she learnt with her Grandmother and one she continues to enjoy to this day - around these parts she is known as  the number one crochet queen!

For just £20 you can enjoy a memorable morning or afternoon learning how to crochet, whilst drinking lashings of tea and scoffing Emma's delicious home-made cakes and brownies.

Emma is really hands on, lots of fun and will ensure that you thoroughly enjoy the process and have her help every step of the way - the classes have always been limited to six people - so that everyone gets the attention they need. 

There is just one more workshop left this year and it is this week - so if you would like to learn a new skill and have lots of fun doing it - then do not hesitate to book your workshop today!

Or book a workshop as a Christmas present for a friend or loved one - they are so wonderful to share with someone special, your partner, your friends, your mother, wife or daughter - they make the most excellent and unusual presents. 






Yarnbombing - Wooly Street Art

Crochet ready for another yarnbomb

Last week we talked about wool week and this beautiful, natural material continues to make an impact in modern life and it is becoming more and more fashionable. Yarnbombing is a kind of street graffiti using wool as the medium and bringing art to the people. 

I myself am a yarnbomber and have been known to leave explosions of wooly art on the streets and in public places for people to enjoy and to show people that art is not just a picture on a wall in a gallery but can span so many different mediums, cultures and experiences and that it is always, always for people to enjoy. 

Last week some artists approached me and asked me to yarnbomb their town hall as part of an installation for the launch of a visual arts exhibition they are currently holding. Of course, I could not resist, and although I just had days to pull it together - I did and created a showstopper for the town hall and it's stunning staircase. 

If you find yourself in Trowbridge - then be sure to make a bee line for the town hall and my yarnbomb and see what you think of a yarnmbomb for yourself, please do let me know as I am always intrigued to hear how people experience this kind of art. 


Yarnbomb Film & Video

Yarn Railings

Following the news in the media in Wiltshire that I had yarnbombed Corsham - we created a short video which would showcase the event as it was being put up.

[video width="960" height="540" m4v=""][/video]

Take a look it really was lots of fun and hard work but well worth it. 

There are also lots more images of the Yarnbomb, which I have made a board from on Pinterest

If you would like to learn how to crochet, or find out more about yarnbombing get in touch with me or join me on a crochet workshop.


Yarnbomber Makes Front Page News in Wiltshire




Last week I single-handedly (with the help of my friends :) ) Yarnbombed Corsham, a market town in Wiltshire. I did it to promote the launch of The Peacock Arts Trail which launched on Saturday 28th September and has seen a raft of open artists studios across Wiltshire - including mine! 

Yarn Railings

The Yarnbomb took me more than two months to create, everything was hand-crocheted for the bomb including pompoms, love hearts, sausage dogs, little girls and pieces like the Lion's coat and mane above.

The Yarnbomb which took place last week made news across the county as the town woke up to a wool explosion - most of the independent shops received a crocheted love heart on their door handle, lampposts, benches, trees and doorways were all targeted and adorned with the Yarnbomb. 

Girl with balloons & sausage dog

The Yarnbomb was really well received by residents of the town who had not expected art-work to be strewn across their town - but took to this unique graffiti with real aplomb. 

I took a video of the actual Yarnbombing, which I shall upload over the next week as well as show you more images from the event, both here, on my Facebook page and Pinterest.